Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie
Ethics and responsabilities

Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie, their editors, and the publishing house do not assume and should not be held liable for the published content of the manuscript. The authors bear the sole responsibility of the published materials. Photos, graphics, and other illustrative materials previously published must be copyright cleared, accompanied by statements that re-print permissions have been obtained, and credited to their original authors. All studies using human subjects must abide by the ethics of research conduct and informed consent as specified in the Helsinki Declaration on Protecting Human Subjects and/or NIH Guidelines for Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects, and explicitly acknowledge their usage within the manuscript. Photos or materials identifying or linked to specific human subjects or groups must provide statements that their publication is not of ethical concern, and will not directly or indirectly affect human subjects, either individually or as a collectivity. Failure to comply with the ethical conditions stated above represents reason for automatic rejection of the manuscript.

Acknowledgements and disclosures

The authors must disclose any conflicts of interest regarding the published material and acknowledge granting agencies and people that contributed to the research and writing process. The editors will contact each author regarding the submitted manuscript.

Ethics of publication

Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie is a journal entirely complying with the principles of publication ethics as established by the international Committee for Publication Ethics (COPE). Such ethical commitment is concerned with our editors’ general duties and responsibilities, relations with readers, authors, reviewers, journal owners and publishers, editorial board members, editorial and peer-review processes, quality assurance, protecting individual data, encouraging ethical research, dealing with possible misconduct, ensuring the integrity of the academic record, intellectual property, encouraging debate, responding to complaints, dealing with commercial considerations, and managing conflicts of interest (see COPE’s Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors at Our contributors, editors, consulting experts, and peer reviewers are expected to act in accordance with these ethical principles in the process of publishing in our journal.

AUCTORIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie relies on its contributors’ full responsibility and integrity for any sentence, hypothesis, interpretation, or conclusion they make, dwell on, claim, and draw based on their own research. Informed consent is expected to be acknowledged for contemporary informants whose full names are indicated within the texts accepted for publication, or within referential lists of interviewees. The authors whose manuscripts we decide to publish are also expected to manage any actual or potential conflict of interest that are or might be associated with the publishing of their research results by our journal. The editors, consulting experts, and peer referees of our journal keep the right of asking the contributors to mention within their articles and studies such information as their institutional affiliation and the source of funding for the research owing to which their texts are written.

COPYRIGHT ISSUES. Within its editorial policy, Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie is devoted to respecting copyright norms and protecting the privacy and the right of reply for people concerned by the content of our journal. Since our contributors are basically requested to submit manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere, their articles, studies, comments and any other material may include a revised form of a previously-published text only with clear acknowledgment of developments or updates which could justify the new submission, along with the publishing permission from the editor of the publication where that text was printed in its former version.

EQUAL TREATMENT. In their work with manuscripts, as well as in any aspect of publishing policy, the editors, consulting experts, and peer referees of Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie should not make their decisions dependent on criteria like the age, gender, race, nationality, social origin, political affiliation, or religion of the authors. Our journal’s editorial decision-making process will only account for the scientific quality of manuscripts, the authors’ acceptance of our peer-review basis of evaluation, and the ethics of anthropological research (in accordance with the American Anthropological Association’s Principles of Professional Responsibility at

ORIGINALITY OF DATA. The contributors of Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie should only submit manuscripts whose authorship belongs to them, with all their data acknowledging the source of information (such as archeological, ethnographic, laboratory, bibliographic, etc.). Plagiarism and data “manufacturing” with no accurate referencing cannot be acceptable for the manuscripts proposed to Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie, with the immediate exclusion of any contributor liable for such scholarly misconduct. In the peer-review process, we make all efforts to insure the confidentiality of authors applying for publishing to our journal, the same as the identity of peer referees. The referees’ comments and the authors’ replies may only be made public upon the written assent of both of them.

REFERENCE ACCURACY. Every manuscript intended to be published by Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie should provide all the bibliography referred to within the text and be in accordance with the current editing style of our journal. Besides, Annuaire Roumain d’Anthropologie has the duty and the right to ask its contributors any supplemental information that is needed in order to clarify the origin and authorship of a text content, as well as to provide an “Errata” section for the cases (if any) of necessary rectification upon a text which has been already published.